Nicktoons: ALL-STAR RACING,is a 2012 racing video game created by Wario Inc. It is a crossover racing game,and features Regular Nicktoons,and a few Fan Nicktoons.


The game,plays like Mario Kart. Players use items and comical weapons to get in the lead. A special feature in this game,is Signature Moves,in which a character preforms a specific action,like Y-Guy using Letter Attacks to destroy other racers,or SpongeBob riding a Queen Jellyfish over other riders.

Each racing machine has a type. Kart,Bike/Motorcycle,and biplane/hovercraft. Each class has a downside,but the Kart is the safest,because it has no upside or downside. Karts are usually the most common,with a rare hovercraft or bike.

The game supports up to 18 players online,and 8 local. There are these modes,Grand Prix,Single Race,Multiplayer,Battle,and Mission Mode.

The currency used in this game are Kart Koins,which allow you to buy music,tracks,characters,karts and more.

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix,is a continuous race,where the player races 4 tracks. The winning positions are 1-3,and losing positions are 4-8. This mode comes in three types,N00B,Nicktoon,SpongeBob style. These are versions of easy,medium,and hard. The cups are the Snail Cup,the Fanon Cup,the Nicktoon Cup,and the Star Cup.

Single Race

Single Race,is a quick single player only mode,where the player races through one track. This an easy way to get money and new licenses.


A race with other people. There are two types of multiplayer,local and online.


The objective,is not to be first,but to destroy your opponents with items and weapons. This mode is more like the PS1 Game Twisted Metal. Each racer,has 4 hearts,which if all 4 are depleted that racer is VERY,VERY,VERY quickly eliminated.

Mission Mode

Main Article: List of missions in Nicktoons: ALL-STARS RACING


  • Has to be bought

Snail Cup:

1. SpongeBob: Downtown Bikini Bottom

2. Making Fiends: Clamburg Elementary*

3. TUFF Puppy: Lava Land*

4. The Fairly Odd Parents: Fairly Land

Fanon Cup:

1. Y-Guy: Crazville Raceway

2. Nicky: Brandon's Lab*

3. Gray: Gray's Hometown

4. Hoops and Yoyo: Olympic Games*

Nicktoons Cup:

1. SpongeBob SquarePants: Jellyfish Fields

2. Invader Zim: Conventia*

3. Danny Phantom: Amity Park

4.Legend of Korra: Republic City*

Star Cup:

1. Penguins of Madagascar: Ceneteral Park Zoo*

2. Jimmy Neutron: Inside of Goddard*

3. El Tigre: Miracle City

4. The Fairly Odd Parents: Crocker's Lab*


  • =Must be bought


Kart: Krabby Patty Mobile: The vehicle from the movie.

Signature Move: Queen Jellyfish

Timmy Turner

Kart: Wish Plane: A biplane with a wand and Cosmo and Wanda on it.

Signature Move: Cosmo and Wanda: The two faries put spells on the other racers


Kart: Fiend Car: A Fiend,that only says Vroom,and races on two wheels

Signature Move: Grudge Call: Grudge comes,and destroys the other racers.

Dudley Puppy

Kart: TUFF Motorcycle

Signature Move: Iron Mutt

Y-Guy & Mango

Kart: Y-Plane: A biplane shaped like a Y.

Signature Move: Letter Attacks


Kart: Turbo Stroller

Signature Move: Super Goku


Kart: Blue Dasher

Signature Move: Laser Turret

Gray the Shrimp*

Kart: Mecha-Shrimp

Signature Move: Bob Bomb


Kart: Hallmark Hovercraft

Signature Move: Yoyo Yoyo


Kart: Yoyo-Cycle

Signature Move: Hoops Hodown


Kart: UFO

Signature Move: GIR INVASION

Danny Phantom

Kart: Ghost Racer

Signature Move: Scare!


Kart: Fire Flash

Signature Move: Avatar State


Kart: Penguin Plane

Signature Move: Go Boom!!

Jimmy Neutron

Kart: Jet Bike

Signature Move: Goddard Unleashed

El Tigre*

Kart: Flying Tiger

Signature Move: Tiger Speed


Kart: Rocko's Modern Kart

Signature Move: Spunky Chase


Krabby Patty: Boost.

Jelly Bomb: An unpredictable projectile.

Guided Fire: A projectile you can aim.

Star: Allows you to preform your Signature Move.

Fiend Potion: Increase your speed and strength for 15 seconds.

Mango: A bowling ball like projectile,that talks!

Laser Gun: Brandon's signature weapon. Comes with 3 bullets


Beginner: 0 XP

Kid Racer: 100 XP

Racer: 300 XP

Super Speed: 500 XP

Champion: 1000 XP


Beginner: Earn your first license.

Racer: Earn your third license

True Champion: Earn all of you licenses

Speedy Snail: Complete the Grand Prix for the first time.

Super Single: Win 10 Single Races

Massive Multiplayer: Win 10 Multiplayer Races

Triple Dipper: Win three times in a row in Single Race or Multiplayer

Nicky!: Race as both Nicky and Brandon 10 times.

Crazy Driver: Play as Y-Guy and Mango 20 times

Fanatstic Five: Win five times in a row.

Really Grand Prix: Complete all of the Grand Prix cups for the 1st time.

All-Star: Use one characters signature move.

All-Stars: Use ALL of the characters signature moves.

Mission Man: Complete all missions.

Rob would be proud: Beat the game 100%

Gladiator: Win in Battle Mode 10 times.

Nickelodeon: Race as every character.

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