Nickelodeon Fanon Universe is a TV show based on the shows of the Nickelodeon Fanonverse.


You can add your characters.


Bagel- An anthromorphic bagel that loves to go on adventures.

Invader Rob- An Irken invader.

Y-Guy- A letter-creature who is friends with Bagel.


Steve- A red pikmin that loves to play with fire.

Chrome- A robot who loves adventures and fun.

Count Desertstone- A crocodile who owns a talk show.

Twotails- A crocodile with two tails.

Sharkrill- TBA


Professor Carrotstien- An antagonist who became a carrot after an accident.

King Jerk- A king who is a jerk.

LT Fan- King Jerk's servant who loves Dora the Explorer.

Dora the Explorer- LT Fan's love intrest.

Lord Zorgu- An evil alien from Yuthvixx.

Sharkdi- An evil shark waiter.

Chrime- Chrome's rival and evil clone.


Spongebob- An anthromorphic kitchen sponge who loves to work at the Krusty Krab.

Patrick- A seastar who is dim-witted and loves to play with his best friend Spongebob.

Random Stickman- A random stickman who is sometimes important to the plot.

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