Nickelodeon Fanon Neon is a 2014 sandbox action-adventure crossover game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U developed by Fanon Fun! Entertainment in the style of Disney Infinity. Players purchase action figures and use the Neon Pad to bring them to the game in two distinct modes, Adventure and Neo. The game is split into different waves, that can be purchased separately in real life or downloaded as DLC to a previous wave. Reception for the game was (TBA).


The gameplay genre is hard to pin down, but is centered around open-world action/adventure gameplay mainly. Players have access to two modes, Neo and Adventure. Adventure packs can be purchased and include a campaign to be played, each with different genres. Neo allows players to mess around in the Neo Sphere, a place connected through the Neoverse, using objects, vehicles, weapons and more to create their own Adventures, as well as sharing and importing pieces from other users Neo Spheres. Neo Spheres can be fully customized and have any sort of size. Adventures only support characters from that adventure, while Neo Spheres allow anyone to meet and crossover. Two player is included with both modes.

Wave 3,  Neo Dimensions, features upgrades to TBA.

Figures, Vehicles, Weapons, Etc.


Description Series







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