Nickelodeon Craze is a DVD series composed of things similar to YouTube Poops - sentence mixing, sound distortion, repetition and other strange techniques.

Nickelodeon Craze terminology

  • Aids - A dead term that describes a Poop that uses older sources such as CD-i and Mama Luigi, used in ways that have been done many times before and contain overused jokes such as; "Gay Luigi," "Toast," "Dinner", etc. Does not tend to include "2nd-tier" classics like "Volcanicity" or AoStH. The term has been replaced with "Spadinner"
  • Aidsless Aids - A poop that uses Aids as its source, but uses it in new ways. The name comes from the fact that the poop contains Aids, but does not include overused gags such as "dinner" and "mah boi."
  • Ear rape - As the name implies, ear rape is significant spikes in volume common in modern poops. More likely than not, ear rape is used for the sake of annoyance.
  • Sentence mixing: - Considered by many to be a core element of YTP, sentence mixing involves rearranging words spoken by a given character to form a funny sentence. Depending on the Pooper's personal style, it may or may not be limited to words spoken by the character that is actually saying the edited sentence.
  • Word Splicing - This could be described as an advanced form of sentence mixing. It involves actually forming words using sounds from other words. Examples include making Link say "f**k" from the phrase "For luck". Another less popular but still common word splice is the King saying "d**k". It is commonly formed from "DInner" and "linK". Another form of word splicing is reversing a word or part of a phrase to form another word, such as "again" being reversed into a racial slur. Word splicing is easiest with advanced editing software, but it is still very possible with less advanced programs such as Windows Movie Maker.
  • YTPMV or YouTube Poop Music Video - Using certain small audio segments and pitch shifting it correctly in order to create a song.
  • Flash Poops - These are simply put, Poops which have special effects in them. The most famous Flash Pooper is MeStarStudios.

List of cartoons in the Nickelodeon Craze series

see here


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