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Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network Adventures is a series with characters from SpongeBob, Gumball, Timmy, and more programs from all shows.

Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network Adventures 
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Genre: Crossover, Cartoon 
Creator: Nickelodeon 
Director: Cartoon Network 
Developer: Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network 
Starring: Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network universes 
Opening theme: Robot Rock by Daft Punk 
End theme: Gumball Credits by Cartoon Network 
Producer: Alessiofuffa3 
First aired: 02/05/11 
Last aired: 18/04/12


Season 1 (2011-2012)

Galaxy Grinder Turbo: Return! Forever Defend Earth!!: The first episode, the galaxy grinders arrives to attack the universes.

Moe Turn Zero: Giant Attack! Real Bout Walk the Earth!?!: Gumball encounters Timmy for the first time.

Burning Saga Rokkaku: World's Greatest! Defenders Reborn!: DoodleBob appears first in this episode, he wants to attack the Cartoon Network universe.

Genesis Scramble Volkaizer: Extreme Battle! Demon King Rampage!: Ponies from My Little Pony appears first in this episode, all ponies are caged by a irregular demon king.

Hyper Gender NEO: Fly to Future! Special Forces?!: The genders gone wrong, males speaks to females and females speak to males.

Irresistible Moon New Century: Giant Attack! Earth Warriors of Legend!?!: The earth warriors steals the cross of destiny and heroes must get it back.

Mobile Legoog Agito: To Become Stronger! The Travel to Space!?!: Everyone on every universes they got all in space.

La Beam Yoyotsu: Fight for Everlasting Peace! Real Bout Defend Earth!!: Yoyotsu has conquered all universes, only one water hero can solve this mystery.

Irresistible Fighter Upper: Alive! The Strongest Final Bout!?!: The galaxy grinders are back, this time, they're stronger!

Gurren Fantasy SEED: World's Strongest! Demon King Fusion Reborn?!: After the Demon King's death in episode 4, he's back with his new fusion.

Mobile God Gahram: Fight for Humanity! Robots Destroyed!!: The robots entered every universe and they want to destroy everything.

Exploding Gear Zero: Revive! The Mighty Return!!: The gear zero team attacks Gumball's friend once for all.

Invincible Moon Gahram: Fight On! Warriors Tournament?!: The tournament to fight someone has started!

All-Purpose Lover Revival: World's Greatest! Aliens Unbound!?!: The aliens came to earth and they want to abuct them.

Project Report Miyu: Shine On! The Mightiest Fight for Freedom!?!: The project report miyu finally appeared to report into the news.

Let's Go! Starship Origins: World's Strongest! The Incredible Defeated!?!: The season finale, also the first part of the season finale, the galaxy grinders are yet back again, and this time they're combined into a missile robot!

Shin Alignment Burn On! Warriors Transform!!: The second part of the season finale, the heroes finally transform into suites to fight the missile robot.

Final Senryu Double Impact: Flash! Intense Battle Tournament?!: The final part of the season finale, the next 2 rounds are final fights with the missile robot. After the fight of all the 3 rounds, the final battle is over.



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