Nickel Park is a theme park for Nickelodeon, but it is mainly for Nickelodeon Fanon for some reason.


The Bagelcoaster- A roller coaster featuring The Bagel Show.

Chrome's Boat Ride- A boat ride based on The Adventures of Chrome

Lake Y-Guy- A lake based on Y-Guy. People can swim and stuff in it.

Golf Course- Hence the name. It's based on nothing.

Hidden Moustachio Search- A ride based on Annoying Orange where people go on a scavenger hunt for the moustachios.

The Onion Ride (closed)- Based on the Annoying Orange video The Curse of the Onion Ring.

Pac-Man Jr's Pac-Force- Based on the Homestar Runner and Pac Man Jr show.

The Sonic Rainboom: A rolercoaster with rainbow-colored cars.

TBA- To be announced


In 2000, A teenager was stuck in Chrome's Boat Ride. The person was not injured, but had a disease when he was born and had a headache after the ride.

In 2000, A person on The Onion Ride fell into the "onion gas" and was stuck between gears. His leg was injured.

In 2002, Another incident was on the Onion Ride. A person got a heart attack from the onion ring's scream. 1 day after that, The scream was removed and replaced with the onion ring laughing,

In 2002, Yet another incident was on the Onion Ride. Somebody hacked into the ride and made the onion scream appear again and made the scream ear-splitting. All passengers were deaf after that. The person was named Louise and was thrown in prison for one year.

In 2007, the final Onion Ride accident occured. People were riding the Onion Ride, but there was no sound and the paintings were falling and breaking because of loose screws. There was no water either, so the boat couldn't move. This was caused because The Onion Ride was begining to settle, and the water shorted out electronics so the sound was silent. The water was removed because the drain at the bottom broke and the water was sucked out. The employees could not fix the ride, so they closed it once and for all.

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