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Nick Trap is a game made by Waluigiofthegods. In this game, you have to play as Richard McRoy as he watches Nickelodeon Studios for 5 nights. The game is for the PC.


7 years ago, an incident occurs at Nickelodeon Studios. Patrick bites one of the staff members and nearly kills everyone. And the place gets shut down.

In 2008, the place gets reopen and Richard works there during the night.


The game is similar to Five Nights at Freddy's and Night Trap. You have to watch Nickelodeon Studios without getting killed by the Animatronics. You can watch the place through 8 cameras:

  • Cam 1: Main Entrance
  • Cam 2: Storage Room 1
  • Cam 3: Storage Room 2
  • Cam 4: Animatronic Only Room
  • Cam 5: Restroom
  • Cam 6: Lounge
  • Cam 7: Back Entrance
  • Cam 8: The Office Entrance

If something moves, you have to set up a trap. If the trap works, the Animatronic will move back to the previous room it was in. If the trap fails, you get jumpscared.

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