Nick Racing Double DASH!!


Default Duos

  • SpongeBob & Patrick in the Patty Wagon
  • Tink & Fling in the Blob Speeder
  • Red Bird & Big Bro. Bird in the Red Hawk
  • Charlie Brown & Linus in the Nitro Space Speed Kart
  • Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell in the T.U.F.F. Moblie
  • Blue Bird & Green Bird in the Slingshot Car
  • Fanboy & Chum Chum in the Fan-Bicycle

Unlockable Duos

  • Plankton & Karen in the Chum Car
  • Spotty & Dotty in the B.L.O.B. (Bouncy Lumpy Oil Bike)
  • Migint Apple & Marshmellow in the Other Dog Biscut
  • Dr. Robotnik & The Fat Controller in the Pingas Speeder
  • Pinky & Female Monkey in the Pink Rider
  • Agent P & Agent Pinky in the Platypod
  • Knuckles & Vector in the Chaotix Speeder
  • Wario & Waluigi in the Garlic Rider
  • Black Bird & White Bird in the Weirdpod
  • Black Mistress & Vines in The Dark Wood's Car


1st Cup

  1. Planet Zeenu
  2. The Kitchen
  3. Disco Club
  4. L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.

2nd Cup

  1. Birdy Town
  2. T.U.F.F. HQ
  3. Conch Street
  4. Mushroom Kingdom

3rd Cup

  1. Petropolis
  2. Mobilus
  3. Shell Town
  4. The Flynns' Speedway

4th Cup

  1. D.O.O.M. HQ
  2. Forgotten Temple
  3. South Park
  4. Tokyo, Japan

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