Nick Racing 3 is an upcoming video game for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS. This is a sequel to Nick Racing and Nick Racing 2.

Playable Characters

Characters from Rugrats, SpongeBob and others has returned, and news ones arrive.

From The Little Beeper and Lightning Rodriguez Show:

  • Little Beeper: The fastest little road runner on Earth, and outwits his enemy, Calamity Coyote. He drives the Super Kart.
  • Lightning Rodriguez: The fastest mouse on Earth, and outwits his enemy, Furrball and Plucky Duck. Like Little Beeper, he drives the Super Kart.

From The Adventures of Fowlmouth:

  • Fowlmouth: A young rooster, who's best friend is his mentor Foghorn Leghorn. He drives the Chicken Mobile.

There will be more, soon.

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