Nick Fanon vs. Capcom
Developer(s) Y-Guy Studios, Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Release date September 11, 2001
Genre Fighting
Mode(s) Story, VS, Training.
Rating(s) Metacritic: 91 out of 100
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, PC
Media Digital Video Disk
Nick Fanon vs. Super Smash Bros is a crossover fighting game featuring characters from the Nick Fanon vs. and Super Smash Bros series. It contains SSB-styled controls and two-dimensional sprites.

Playable Characters

Nick Fanon Super Smash Bros
Y-Guy Mario
Mango Luigi
Hearty Peach
Professor Carrotstein Bowser
Invader Rob Yoshi
MattBoo Wario
SuperSaiyanKirby Kirby
Waddle Dee Soldier Meta Knight
LT Fan King Dedede
Web Link
Romen Zelda
Brandon Red
Nicky Pikachu
Dr. Boom Mewtwo
John the Marksman Samus
Bagel Sonic


Main Article: Nick Fanon vs. Super Smash Bros/Movesets

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