This is a list of missions in Nick Fanon Universe.


More then Human

After character creation and seeing the opening scene, you wake up alone in a training facility. The mentor you chose now greets you and explains that you are being tested. With help from your mentor, you navigate the linear corridors which hold new beginnings. Upon finishing the test succsessfully and reaching the ship to take you to Nicktropolis, an LT Sentinel attacks you and you must fight it alongside your mentor.

Quest Log: Test your newfound superpowers while fighting off legions of robots.


  • Navigate to the energy core
  • Defeat five robots(0/5)
  • Collect 7 energy cores(0/7)
  • Escape the chase robots.
  • Navigate the exploding the room in 1 minute.
  • Test out your selected movement type.
  • Destroy the trash piles in 1 minute.
  • Defeat a flying robot
  • Defeat 5 Tazerbots(0/5)
  • Find the Security Pin
  • Equip the pin in your inventory
  • Collect 500 coins (0/500)
  • Buy a key.
  • Defeat the LT Sentinel alongside your mentor.

SSK Exclusive Missions


Nozus Exclusive Missions


Web Exclusive Missions


Everyone's Missions


Max-Level Missions


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