Nick Fanon Toys are prouduced by Invader Productions and Y-Guy Studios.


Action Figures

  • Y-Guy Action Figure
  • Mango Action Figure
  • Hearty Action Figure
  • Gum Action Figure
  • Invader Rob Action Figure
  • Random SIR Action Figure
  • Homestar Action Figure
  • MattBoo Action Figure
  • Kirby Action Figure
  • Yoshi Action Figure
  • Ami Action Figure
  • U.B. Action Figure
  • Redford Action Figure
  • Pepper Action Figure
  • Marble Guy Action Figure
  • Pencil Action Figure
  • Stencil Action Figure
  • Ashley Action Figure
  • Coin-Dude Action Figure
  • Billy Action Figure

Plush Toys

  • Y-Guy Plush Toy
  • Invader Rob Plush Toy
  • Kirby Plush Toy
  • Yoshi Plush Toy
  • Ami Plush Toy
  • U.B. Plush Toy

Lego Products

  • Lego Set 4421: The Homestar Runner and Pac-man 64 Show: The Gang's House-out. (Including mini Figures: Homestar Runner, Pac-man 64, MattBoo, Invader Rob, Kirby, Random SIR, and Comp-Chomp.) (Things to do: TBA)
  • Lego Set 4687: Y-Guy: Y-Guy's Hide-out. (Including mini Figures: Y-Guy, Mango, Hearty, Gum, and Cool Dude) (Things to do: Explore the Hide-Out, Use the catapult, and more!)
  • Lego Set 4783: The Invader Rob Show: Invader Rob's Base. (Including mini Figures: Invader Rob, Random SIR, Dora, and Diego.) (Things to do: Use Dora and Diego as a test subject, put them in the hot-tube of fire, and more!)
  • Lego Set 4789: U.B. Funky: Funky Town (Including mini Figures: U.B., Wags, Nuke, Deuce, & Pepper) (Things to do: Build a Shmoogloolon, Explore Funky Town, and more!)
  • Lego Set 4800: U.B. Funky: Constructo-U.B.* (Including mini Figure: Pepper) (Things to do: Build U.B. to have Pepper be amazed!)

The * means there kinda like the Toy Story constructos & DC constructos.

Video Games

  • Y-Guy's Quest (for the X-Box, PS2, Gamecube, NES, and GameBoy Advance): Professor Carrotstein kidnapps Y-Guy's friends, so now Y-Guy has to save them.
  • Nick Fanon: Racing!
  • King of Fanon: Nicktoon Fighters (for the PC, Wii, and SNES): It's the Super Smash Bros of Nick Fanon.

Go Cart Pull Backs

  • Y-Guy & his Car
  • Invader Rob Cart.9000
  • Kirby & his Warp Kart

Cereal Prizes

  • A Y-Guy tape on picture
  • Invader Rob spoon
  • Homestar Puzzle


  • MattBoo
  • Kirby
  • Yoshi
  • Invader Rob*
  • Y-Guy*
  • Homestar Runner*
  • =Rare

Push Puppets

  • SuperSaiyinKirby (Seen on Boomerang)





The Y-Guy Go Cart Figure was used in a Boomerang Promo for Y-Guy

Even though Y-Guy's Quest was for the NES when the NES sold no more games, people still bought the NES verson.

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