Nick Fanon Heroes: Bad Bot Battle (more commonly known as Nick Fanon: Robot Battle) is a Fanon Fun! Entertainment video game and a platformer with 2-player drop in-drop out co-op. It was released on January 1, 2013. It's for the Wii U and Xbox 360 only.


LT Fan plans to destroy all Nicktoons, by creating an army of evil robots. However, they rebel by upgrading their AI, and kidnap LT Fan. Then, a few start to invade the city. So, Lord Stelios called up all of the heroes. After the heroes protect the city, they learn of 6 Golden Keys which have the power to defeat the robots, and restore the city. However, the robots hear of this and follow them. After collecting 6 Golden Keys, the heroes are captured by the robots, and end up in the Robot Lair, where they rescue LT Fan, who reluctantly joins them temporarily, until they reach the Commander Robot. LT Fan betrays the heroes, and uses a secret device to take over the robots, and controls Commander Robot. The heroes defeat it, and Stelios gives the heroes weapons of godly powers. The screen turns black, and LT Fan can be heard shrieking in pain.

Playable Characters

From the Start





Matt (Save him in World 3)

Bagel (Beat the Second Boss)

Gray & Bob (Save them in World 5)

Collector( Finish World 4, and them talk to him in the HUB)

Dan (Optional)(Talk to him in World 6 with Collector)

LT Fan(Temporarily)(Rescue him in World 7)


Story Mode

A 2-player platformer with puzzles and enemies. Jump with A,attack with X, and move with the control stick. This mode has 3 difficulties,n00b,Nicktoon,Master.

Battle Mode

Essentially Smash Bros. with Nick Fanon characters. Every character is available, after you unlock them in Story Mode. Up to 16 players online.


HUB: Nicktropolis

1. Prologue

World 1: Melody Meadows

1. The Path

2. Melody Town

3. Battle Bridge

4. Carrotstein(BOSS)

World 2: Food Land

1. Flapjack Mountain

2. Burger Jungle

3. Mashed Potato Lake

4. Hungry King Jerk(BOSS)

World 3: Ghost Town

1. Mysterious Forest

2. Haunted Ruins

3. Ghost Town Hall

4. MattBoo Sux(BOSS)

World 4: Collector's Mansion

1. The Gates

2. Weapons Hall

3. Upstairs

4. Troll King(BOSS)

World 5: Undersea

1. The Beach

2. Gray's School

3. Pirate Ship

4. Kraken(BOSS)

World 6: Battlefield

1. Military Base

2. Warzone

3. Nuclear Plant

4. Robo-Dan(BOSS)

World 7: Robot Lair

1. LT Fan's Quarters

2. Security Staircase

3. Dining Room

4. Commander Robot(BOSS)


IGN gave the game an 8 out of 10.


  • It is unsure if this game is a part of the "Nick Fanon" series.
  • This is the first game ever to have LT Fan playable.
  • In an early trailer, LT Shark was shown to be a boss but was replaced by the Kraken.

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