Nick Fanon Cereal is a cereal made by Kelloggs.


  • Strawberry: shaped like Patrick
  • Chocolate: shaped like a Busy Puff
  • Lime: shaped like Y-Guy.
  • Marshmallow: shaped like Homestar runner
  • Green Apple: shaped like Invader Rob's head.
  • BlueBerry: shaped like Yisac.
  • Bubble Gum: shaped like Doug.
  • Cherry: shaped like Hoops.
  • Lemon: shaped like Collector.
  • Banana: shaped like Mango.
  • Cotton Candy: shaped like Casy
  • Watermelon: Shaped like Chrome.
  • Grape: shaped like the Splat.
  • Raspberry: Shaped like Pookie
  • Mint: Shaped like Krazy.



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