NOTE: Only web, rob, and bagel can add to the booth.

Rob: Hi I'm Invader Rob, co-creator and writer of Y-Guy

Web: Theweb0123 here, spriter for Y-Guy

Bagel: Hello I'm IAmBagel creator and writer of Y-Guy

Audience: Applause

Bagel: Since 2000 Y-Guy has been arguably the most popular show on Nick Fanon, and we constantly have people wanting us to make a documentary of the series.

Web: Well, I'm happy to tell you that the long wait is finally over!

Rob: Announcing, Y-Guy the Y-Roots!!!

Web: Tentative title

Bagel: We went out and made a documentary about Y-Guy, showing how it all began, how it evolved over the years, and last but certianly not least, it's journey to popularity.

Audience: Loud Applause

Rob: If you love Y-Guy, you're gonna love this! Never before seen footage, sneek peaks at upcoming shows and games, and even... OUR REAL NAMES!

Audience: Screams and Applause.

Web: That's all we have for today, oh yeah! My dad is hiding somewhere on the first floor. He's carrying autographs from nick fanon members which he'll give to anyone who can find him.

Web Rob and Bagel: G'night Everybody!

Audience: Applesauce

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