Web: Hai!!!!!! Theweb0123, spriter and writer, here to talk about my new interactive series; Mario and Luigi: The Interactive Series! It all started when Viacom, Nintendo, and Time Warner came asking me and Alvin-Earthworm (of SMBZ fame) to make an interactive television show featuring Nintendo characters. Viacom (with permission from Hasbro and TimeWarner) agreed to air it on CNHubNicktoons on Demand.

Audience: Appluad

Web:Any questions?

Man: Yeah! How will the interactivity work exactly?

Alvin: There will be playable levels connecting scenes, along with interactive fight scenes. Anyone else?

Woman: Will this be exclusive to Time Warner subscribers?

Web: No. It will be available in a special channel for Wii and 3DS, and an app for most Apple products

Alvin: There are also plans for a port to Wii U, and streaming on Steam is going to be available for PC and Mac users.

Web: Next question.

Man:Over here! I hear rumours that the Nostalgia Critic will guest star in an upcoming SSK episode. Is that true?

Alvin: Please keep the discussion limited to uh.. Mario and Luigi please.

Web: I will be at a Y-Guy booth with Rob and Bagel later, so if any of you have these sort of questions, please ask them then. Last Question. You! In the megaman t-shirt.

Man: Yeah, um, web, you're a stupid brony and SSK sucks.

Web: Well, everyone has their critics, I 'spose. Anyways, there is a website where we will be answering questions via email so if anyone is still unclear please ask there

Web and Alvin: G'night everybody!

Audience: Lots of applause.

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