(Room goes black)

( Sr.Wario's name appears on screen)

Sr.Wario: Hello, yal! I'm Sr.Wario, hosting and starting Cartoon Con!!!! Today, i've got news about allmost everything my company has been working on and much much more. So enjoy our presentation, and enjoy Cartoon Con as a whole!

(On screen, the Nicky logo comes up and shows clips from Seasons 2,3, and 4.)

Sr.Wario: Yes, Nicky is amazing, and a huge hit, thanks to all of our fans! So, what can we do for you? How would you like....A NICKY MOVIE?!

(Croud Cheers)

Sr.Wario: Yep, and that amazing movie will be here very very soon! Now, let's go on a different topic.

(Room goes dark again, and on screen shows Y-Guy using Mango as a projectile, shooting down zombies, and then skips to Hearty and Cool Dude trying to make an escape in a taxi, but they end up fighting a Boss Character, who Hearty defeats with her magic, and as the boss zombie falls, a large green logo saying "Y-Guy & The Zombies")

(Mix of cheers and boos)

Sr.Wario: That is all for my announcements, so go enjoy Cartoon Con! Bye, yal!

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