Rob: Hello everbody and welcome to Cartoon Con. As you know i am the co-creator/creator of Y-Guy.

(Croud cheers)

Rob: But IAmBagel, the main creator went on vacation and couldn't come.

(Croud boos)

Rob: Yes, I know that sucks, but hoppfily he'll come to Cartoon Con 2!

(Croud cheers as loud as they can)

Rob: Ok, before I anounce the Y-Guy stuff, I'm going to tell you I'm auction these three rare Y-Guy action figures tommorow! There are only 16 in exsintance! Were going to action it off on day 2 of Cartoon Con, so make sure you come back tommorow if you really want these items, okay, time for anouncements.

Do you guys want to know behind-the-scenes of Y-Guy and HOW it was created?

Croud: YES!!!!

Rob: We'll wait and see for....THE Y-GUY Y-ROOTS!

Croud: *Screams*

Rob: Yep, it's coming out next year on Nick @ Nite during the Night saving time! Be sure to watch it! It's first premire will be it's last!, So if you miss it, make sure you record it! Also, as you know Sr.Wario's comany is making a new video game, since we is are friend we said yes to it and me and Bagel will get a copy for it before it comes out in a month, I am not really interested in it, so I'm going to throw it in the croud and whoever catches it gets to take it come!

(Crouds screams again)

Rob: Ok, here I go!...*Throws the copy in the croud*

(Croud pushes over)

Girl: I got it! WHOHOOO!!!!

Rob: Ok, everyone seems happy, and Nickelodeon and me and Bagel have came to an agreement Y-Guy would end on it's 14th season.

Croud: BOO!!!

Rob: Don't worry, a surprise is in store for you fans after! Ok, that's all for today, since Bagel took the weekday off, I'm in charge of running the show with the crew ok, have a good time and make sure you go to the back area for Y-Guy noveltise! Have a good time!

(Chroud cheers)

Rob: Tommorow, I will anounce the winners of the nominies, so make sure you come back tommorow, and have a great day!


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