(Right after Theweb0123 leaves, Candhfan621 gets on the booth and lights dim)

Cand: Give it up once more for Theweb0123! (crowd applaudes) Now, I also have some great news for fans of MY work and fans of deviantART. Yes, it seems I can never have enough ideas. I-

???: Hey, It's dark in here! Can someone turn on the lights?

Cand: Sure, Fella! (Lights turn on to reveal Fella while crowd screams with joy)

Fella: Whao! What are these people here?

Cand: They are here for the Nicktoons Cartoon Con 2012! And you, my friend, are in a new show coming this August.

Fella: Wasn't there already an episode on July 13th?

Cand: That was a sneak episode. The real first episode premires August 23rd. The show is called "The Epic Adventures of Fella"! It gonna be real cool! I am also adding new content to Three Blue Birds, (the three blue birds pop out and hug Fella) and new content for The Steve Show! (Steve falls on Fella's head)

Fella: Isn't that a handful?

Cand: Yep, but I'll get through it. Thanks everyone! (Croud applaud. Cand, Steve and the three blue birds leave while Fella sits and listens to SuperSaiyanKirby's announcments)

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