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Nick Fanon: The Series is a upcoming nicktoon that is a homage to the older series of 2011 and 2012 such as Squad Æ and The Bagel Show. The show is heavily influenced by The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, while the Syndicate segments are influenced by the James Bond series of movies, only much more serious and dark.

Main Characters (Users)

  • MattBoo - The main character, he is a happy go lucky boo. He is also very random. His ability is to go through walls.
  • Invader Rob - A irken, he came from Irk. His ability is to hold villains captive.
  • Homestar Runner - Everyone loves the Homestar Runner, he is a terrific athlete. His ability is to throw marshmallows at people.
  • Bagel  - A Foodian of the Bagel species from Foodtopia. His ability is to hit people with a cane.


  • John - A guy who is over 9000 years old. His ability is power mimicry and absorption.
  • Nozus - A serious person who never jokes. His ability is to smash villains with the banhammer.
  • Wario - A random person who at first was against Syndicate, but later became part of the group, his ability is to steal villain guts.
  • Web - Another random person who once got mad at Nozus, his abilities are throwing fireballs and gaining a gun hand.

Evil Users

  • LT Fan - A user who loves Dora, his ability is throwing Dora dolls at people.
  • Thomas2thomas134 - A user who loves Thomas the Train, his ability is to throw Thomas toys at people.



  • USA: YouTube (2013–present)
  • Japan: Nico Nico Douga (2013–present)

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