Nick Fanon: Star Wars Duels is a game for the Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


The game consists of 50 levels in which you use your Jedi skills in order to survive. The game will get progressively harder as you go on. You start with thugs, then mercenaries and then combat military foes. While a large part of the game is dueling, the other major part is beating the levels so you can progress in the story. Moving the stick on the controller moves your light saber whichever way you pushed the stick. You are also capable of acrobatics and using the force.


You play as Apprentice Bagel as they try to become a Jedi. At first you arrive at Nicktropolis and are forced to kill some thugs harassing you. Making his way to the train station bagel wonders how late he will be to meet with the Jedi leaders. After arriving at the tallest tower in Nicktropolis he meets KM who instructs him to defeat him in combat. After this is done you precede to different missions. Learning that a shadowy organization of Sith (Evil Jedi) want to destroy the Jedi, Bagel must uncover there source and defeat them.

Starting characters 

(If you choose a different character to start with then they will just swap different fanon members to different ranks. Example: You play as KM, instead of KM dueling you first you will duel bagel. Etc.)

  • IAmBagel
  • KrazyKrisKrumbs
  • Knowledgeable Marksman

Unlockable characters 

  • Gray Pea Shooter
  • Sr. Wario
  • JJam
  • Chomebolt
  • Web
  • DerpyPanda24
  • Rob
  • (possibly more later)

Character Bios

Name Lightsaber Color Alignment Special Abilities
IAmBagel Blue Good Increased Speed (Acrobatics and Attacking)
Knowledgeable Marksmen Pink Good Larger Force Pool (can use more powers without getting depleted)
KrazyKrisKrumbs Green Good Stab Attack (Impossible to block)
Invader Rob Red ??? Immunity to fall damage
DerpPanda24 Green Good Better power attacks (increased chance of breaking block and doing more damage)
Chromebolt  White/Light Blue Good Unbreakable Defense (blocks almost any attack)
Gray Pea Shooter Orange Neutral Better Force Push (throws enemy's further)
JJam Purple Good Slow Motion Expert (slows time longer and slower for better attacks)
Sr. Wario Yellow Good Knee Slicer (hard to block move that does high damage and breaks block)
Web White Good Jump Slice Damage Increase (does very high damage for jump slices)

Villians and Foes

Enemy Weapon Damage Disarmable? Forceable? Blockable? Threat Level Notes
Street Thug (Melee) Club Low No Yes Yes Very Low Club breaks after to 2-3 hits, go on the offensive!
Street Thug (Ranged) Blaster Pistol Low Yes (uses knife after disarmed Yes Yes (unless disarmed) Very Low Don't count them out if there disarmed! They still have there knives!
Street Thug (Explosive) Grenades High No No No High Run for cover when they throw there grenades!
Mercenary (Melee) Sword Average No Yes Yes Low Stronger defense. But you can still wail on them though,
Mercenary (Ranged) Blaster Rifle Average/Low Yes Yes Yes (unless disarmed) Low Common Enemies. Disarmed and tear them apart with your lightsaber.
Mercenary (Heavy Ranged) Blaster Rifle (explosive rounds) High Yes Yes Yes  High DANGEROUS. Don't try to block! Its difficult and if you fail you'll just hurt yourself.
Government Soldier (Melee) Red Crystal Sword Average No Yes/No (only stuns) Yes Average These are good melee fighters! Beware! They can break your blocking!
Government Soldier (Ranged) Blaster Rifle Average Yes Yes/no (only stun) Yes Average Again Average Soldiers but like there melee brethren they have tougher armor.
Sith Novice Lightsaber Average No Yes Yes High These foes have lightsabers! You can try throwing them around...but they can do the same to you!
Sith Apprentice Lightsaber Average No Yes Yes High Similar to there Novice counterparts, they are stronger in the force and more tactically with there offensive moves
Sith Adept Lightsaber High No Yes Yes Very High Be careful with these ones. There higher damage.
Sith Expert Lightsaber High No No Yes Very High These foes can break your block in seconds. Be wary! You must wait for the opportune time to strike!
Sith Master Lightsaber Very High No No No Very High The masters of the Sith. May the force be with you.
Old Man Lightsaber Very High No No Yes Very High An odd old man who knows all the moves in the game and does very high damage.

T1-Lightersaber Combat Training Unit


Lightsaber Insane No No No Insane Your worst nightmare as a Jedi.


Levels 1-9 City Level

Level 10 Duel 

Level 11-19 The Plains

Level 20 Duel

Level 21-29 Utopia

Level 30 Duel

Level 31-39 Government Building

Level 40 Duel

Level 41-49 Desert Planet Sith Place


Bonus Stage: Battle Royal


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