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Nick Fanon, is a nicktoon created in the USA. It was made by Sr.Wario, and follows the adventures of four users. Rob, Bagel, Wario, and Dimentio. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.


The Four Users

Wario- The youngest of the group. He is greedy but it is toned down a lot. He along with Rob are the brains of the operation.

Rob- An irken user. He is the oldest of the group and is very smart. He could be called the leader of the group.

Bagel- A talking bagel who is very heroic and popular. He is Rob's best friend.

Dimentio-A user who is proficient in magic. He is the second youngest and very mischevious.

The Fanons

Nicky- He is now grown up and very smart. He has inherited all of his brother's inventions. He was made by Wario.

Y-Guy- A letter creature who is still random, but has become more serious. He was made by Bagel.

Mango-Y-Guy's best friend. He is very silly, but sometimes acts serious. He was made by Bagel

Chrome-A robot who will live forever. He was made by Dimentio.

Gray-The popular shrimp. He is carried in a water bowl by Y-Guy. He was made by Rob.

Randit & Mark: A human and a dog who loves hot dogs, and sometimes act silly and random. They were made by Rob.

The Villains

LT Fan- A user who is still up to his schemes. Now that there are few people alive, he wants to rise to power.

The Entity-Evil in human form. It chases the group, leaving traps, tricks, and hazards everywhere.



Video Games




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