An announcer for nickelodeon decides to take a day off and watch some of his favorite shows. Only to see each one somehow fusing together. The TV then cuts to show that Vlad plasmius took over bikini bottom. A newspaper then falls to the ground and Danny phantom picks it up he sees the article on vlad and runs to stop him. He is transported to bikini bottom where he comes across a corrupted sponge bob and Patrick. After defeating the two and returning them to normal. The three go to find mr.krabs after vlad kidnapped him.

They then find mr.krabs and keep him save from the ghost’s after they save him. Mr.krabs says he’s going to take money from SpongeBob’s account for being late for work. SpongeBob’s world is then destroyed.

The heroes’ are transported to amity park where they come across a corrupted thop bei fong (a master earth bender) suddenly the four are transported to the ghost zone. After defeating the corrupted thop she joins the heroes . The four then go through the ghost zone to find sam and tucker but are captured by vlad and are transported to the ghost prison where he says they have to stop a monster tucker. With the help of sam the heroes stop the monster but then Danny’s world is destroyed but the heroe’s are rescued by jimmy and his dimensional traveling capsule

The heroes are transported to fairy world to rescue Timmy turner and his fairies but are stopped by D.O.O.M. jimmy neutron then tells Timmy to stop the villains. He and his fairies go to stop them but are stopped by vlad and a corrupted Dudley puppy. After defeating them. Dudley finds out that there are more worlds then Petropolis he joins the heroe’s sheen and mr.nesmith appears and wonders how he got there. They go to stop crocker from destroying the big wand. After he is defeated They go to zeenu where dorkus is terrorizing the emperor after freeing aseefa, doppy, and oom laa they go to stop dorkus.

After dorkus is defeated the the heroe’s go to stop D.O.O.M. in Petropolis once they get there kitty katswell joins the heroes and tells them that snap trap took over T.U.F.F. and is about to squish the chief with a book. The heroes soon arrive at T.U.F.F. and save the chief and Keswick and defeat snap trap and defeat D.O.O.M. but he escapes. Timmy ask’s if they could wish each other home but wanda say’s it’s against DA RULES. And Keswick say’s they don’t know how to teleport them home.

Meanwhile at jimmy’s lab plankton sabotages the machine and spongebob, Patrick, danny, sam, and thop are transported to the world of avatar where they find a corrupted aang, katara and zuko but they are turned back to normal once the door slam’s on them. The three joins the heroes and aang tell’s them that azula and fire lord ozai kidnapped sokka and suki and are holding them hostage at the fire nation palace. The heroes go through the four nations and stop both villains and free sokka and suki

The eight are transported to malls to find catdog but are stopped by snap trap. The heroe’s defeat snap trap and find catdog. After rescuing winslow and lola the heroes are transported to another dimension The heroe’s are transported to the cat mansion to find the catscratch cats but find them corrupted with prof.calamitous.

After freeing the cats and defeating calamitous the heroe’s go save human Kimberley and hovis from plankton and vlad plasmius. Plankton and vlad escape to another universe and the heroe’s and the cats leave just before the dimension is destroyed. Gathering up the second team as well.

The heroes land in arnold’s universe to rescue him. But they are stopped at the moment by invader tak who plans to destroy hillwood. Arnold (joining the heroes) wants to recue his friends and grandpa.

After running through hillwood the heroes catch up to invader tak and defeat her and rescue’s arnolds friends. But they see a giant robot that invader tak is controlling. After defeating the robot the heroe’s go to another dimension.

The heroes then land in pupununu village where they find tak and he joins the heroes. He then tells them that someone is destroying the JUJU realm (who turns out to be denzel crocker) after defeating him the heroes go to save taks friends and pupununu.

After saving pupununu the heroes leave just before the dimension is destroyed the heroes go to jimmy’s lab. When they find out the lab is being destroy jimmy tell’s them that plankton has took over. Soon the heroes find a corrupted dagget and Norbert who is chewing down the lab. After returning the two to normal they join the heroes soon the heroes find cindy vortex with plankton holding her hostage. After defeating plankton cindy joins the heroes and the heroes leave to another dimension

The heroes then go to the beaver dam to save the beavers friends from orogon and plankton. But are stopped when by a giant robot plankton created attacks. After defeating the robot the heroe’s save the beavers friends. The heroe’s land in gardenia to save bloom but they are stopped again by VLAD. Jimmy tells her that they will be back to get her. Soon she finds VLAD and a corrupted ickis, krumm, and oblina. After defeating them ickis and his friends return to normal. After deciding to help her the three join her. But at that moment she remembers that calamitous stole her friends. After rescuing her friends and defeating calamitous the capsule comes to get the four. The capsule leaves just before the dimension is destroyed.

The heroes then land in the monster academy to save the gromble from simon the monster hunter. But are stopped when the school bully attacks the heroes. After defeating the school bully the heroes go to save the academy from snap trap and plankton. After saving the academy and the gromble and defeating simon the capsule leaves the dimension.

The heroes land in chalkzone to find rudy and his friends but find them corrupted instead. After returning them to normal they join the heroes to save bi-clops and raphsheba from skrawl. After rescuing them and stopping scrawl the heroe’s are transported to zim’s town where dib tells them that something is wrong is zim and gir who are under a corrupted spell. After stopping them they join the heroes. Soon they go to save the irken empire from calamitous and dr.blowhole.

After saving the irken empire the heroes go to save the all mighty tallest from malfunctioning sir units. After saving them the heroes go to another dimension and leave just before the dimension is destroyed.

The heroes land in miracle city and find el tigre and Frida fighting dr.blowhole. after defeating him the two join the nicktoons team to save miracle city from sartana and pumaloco from destroying it after they are defeated the heroes go to tremerton to find jenny. (who is right now stopping a corrupted ren and stimpy) after defeating the two they and jenny join the nicktoons as well. The heroes go stop vexus from destroying the city. After defeating her the heroes go to ren and stimpys town.

When they get there they find out that plankton has took it over. The heroes go and find powdered toast man (who joins the heroes also). After defeating plankton the heroes go to galaxy hills to find fanboy and chum chum. Who are right now stopping dr.blowhole from destroying the fanlair. After that the two join the heroes and kyle joins them too. Soon they find calamitous again who is trying to destroy the city. After defeating him the heroes go to the central park zoo to find the penguins. Once they find them a corrupted Otis and pip attacks. After they are defeated the penguins and Otis and pip join the heroes. And they go to stop dr.blowhole again. After he is defeated the heroe’s go to the barnyard to stop snotty boy

Once they get to the barnyard they find out that snotty boy has took over oedeville as well and he’s calling it “snotty town” abby tells the heroes that someone is trying to destroy the barnyard (which turns out to plankton.

After defeating plankton and snotty boy the heroes go to o-town to rescue rocko. But they find him corrupted after defeating the corrupted rocko he joins the heroes. Suddenly the x’s appear out of nowhere to help the heroes. They tell the heroes that glowface is destroying o-town

After defeating glowface the heroes rescue heffer. The capsule leaves just before the dimension is destroyed too.

The capsule lands in the x’s base to find that snap trap has took the base and is preparing to destroy the entire dimension. The heroes go through the town to find him after he is defeated the capsule leaves the dimension.

The lands in the rugrats world to save tommy pickles and angelica. After finding them the heroes go to stop calamitous and dr.blowhole from destroying reptar land. The announcer then see’s that the capsule is roomier on the inside than it is on the outside

After the two are finally defeated the capsule leaves just before the dimension is destroyed. The capsule lands in the valley of peace where the heroes free po. He then joins the heroes to defeat VLAD, save shifu and the furious five and restore order to the valley of peace.

The capsule then makes one last stop to save the universe but it explodes and leaves the heroes floating in a dimension unrecognizable to the heroes. Suddenly a door opens and the person responsible is the mawgu. He traps the heroes in a energy ring and opens a black hole to destroy the heroes but korra arrives and free’s the heroes. She joins the heroes and the battle between the heroes and mawgu ensues.

After mawgu is defeated jimmy finds a remote that he had to destroy each world. He use’s the remote to fix the destroyed universe’s. After that everyone say’s their goodbye’s and are teleported home

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