NickFanime is an anime series that airs on NickAnime. It features the characters from the Foundry and also features a whole new character specially made for the show by DarKingdomHearts.


After Animus was sent to the Living World he sought for a way to return until he found out that Rasu Boss also had come to the human world along with his two strongest opponents and Anima. Animus wanted to save Anima and defeat his enemies but knew he couldn't do it alone, not without the help of others. Being unknown to this world he put up flyers to search for heroes who could help him. Not long after that, his home base was filled with people who wanted to help him. Each person being a strong warrior.

However, Rasu was doing the same thing and was freeing the supervillains from their prisons and looking them up to form the strongest syndicate existing. As the syndicate now existed out of a few smart people as well Rasu wanted to revive the evilest villain that was known to the world LT Fan, by fusing hologram energy within his corpse. Rasu set up a giant fortress on the outskirts of the city for him and his allies to reside in. Rasu is the leader and resides in the middle tower, which also is the highest. Professor Carrotstein was given the laboratorium. Dr. Boom got the army where he also could develop his Boombots again. Fistborn became the prison warden and Lipstyx the mistress of Rasu.

At first the heroes assume that they want to take over the world, or destroy it, seeing as that were their first intentions in earlier encounters. However Rasu's plan is to unleash the whole game world (from Chronicles of Anima) in the Living World. However to do this Rasu needs the special hologram energy inside of Animus. Rasu later hears from his allies that other heroes also have powerful sources like; Matt's ghost energy, Rob's alien technology, SSK's saiyan energy, Rainbow Bird's magic and more. Rasu manages to get blank characters out of the game world and put the energy sources of the heroes inside of it, so he would have his ultimate army of evil heroes. All of his previous plans were thrown off the table and now he just wants to be the king of the world with his upcoming army.



Image Name User
20130525 225024 Animus DarKingdomHearts
20130525 224558 John Kayem-san
20130526 202307 Nicky & Brandon Sr.Wario
Sskirby Æ SuperSaiyanKirby
Mattbooanime Matt MattBoo/MattBoo 2
20130525 232602 Y-Guy IAmBagel
Gannonanime Gannon Doug.scheer
Bagelanime Bagel IAmBagel
Rainbowbird Rainbow Bird Candhfan621
TBA Red Tyran Rex
TBA Invader Rob Invader Rob
TBA Chrome KM


Image Name
20130525 232628 Mango
Mattbomb&goomba MattBomb & MattGoomb
TBA Zap, Juggles, Purr and Ive


Image Name
TBA Rasu Boss
20130525 232702 Professor Carrotstein
TBA Dr. Boom
TBA Theomastix
TBA Fistborn
TBA Lipstyx


Will be announced after the plot is made.

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