New City
Appearance(s): The Bagel Show
Mayor: King Kingman
Population: Unknown
Country: United States
State: Oregon

New City, Oregon, is the main setting of The Bagel Show. The city is ruled under the supreme dictator King Kingman, who has concealed the entire city in an unbreakable barrier, to ensure that his citizens cannot leave and nobody can enter in an attempt to overthrow his rule and his "plans" for the city.




Events of "The Bagel Show"


Demise (2014)



Downtown New City


Suburbia Street


Bagel's House

Bagel's house is a two story house that is designed as a cottage. The exterior of the house looks like an old-fashioned cottage, while the interior looks like any other modern day home. The first floor contains a living room, kitchen and bathroom, while the second floor contains two bedrooms. TBA

Rob's Base

Rob's base is a two story house designed to look like any other ordinary house, except for the fact that it's painted green and orange on the outside. Underneath Rob's base is a giantic futuristic laboratory where anybody can easily get lost if they're not familiar with the base. In the lab, Rob conducts all kinds of experiments and tests with his Xeein technology, some for the better of mankind, others not so much. The base can also be converted into a spacecraft. TBA

MattBoo's House


Doug's House

Doug's house is a small, one story house that can only barely fit Doug and his belongings. The exterior of the house is painted green, with the inside of the house mostly having blue walls. The interior of the house itself is extremely messy and unclean, with garbage piled everywhere and some furniture or equipment knocked onto the floor. The interior is divided into four sections: the living room, the bedroom,  the kitchen, and the bathroom. The living room contains two couches, a lamp and an outdated television. The kitchen only contains a fridge and sink. Doug's bedroom contains a bed, a closet, a drawer and a bookshelf that is stacked with the various BatDoug comics he's created. The house also contains a basement, which mainly acts as a boiler room. 

Selena and Lucy's House


Chrome's House

Chrome's House is only seen in some episodes, and a lot of episodes in Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.

Chrome's House is painted dark blue in the exterior, and sky blue in the interior. Chrome's House contains a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, an attic and a basement, which is filled to the brim with inventions. Also, Chrome's House has no bathrooms. Chrome's House is a two-story house, which can be considered four if you include the attic and basement. There is also a long tunnel in the attic leading to an elevator.

Chrome's House seems to be a location for almost every event in Chrome's Show of Chromeyness. Events such as The Super Bowl (and also, Super Spoons, Super Forks, and Super Men are mentioned), Picnic Party Pizza Parlor and Victory Day are commonly celebrated.

Chrome's front yard contains a mailbox which can store up to a mile of mail in the interior. It has grass and a small garden, along with a stone path to the entrance.

Chrome's back yard includes a gazebo and a pool, which can be stored underground for space. The activities for events sometimes take place entirely in the back yard.

Luxury Apartments

Luxury Apartments is where Mage resides during both The Bagel Show and CSoC. Despite its name, the building is dirty and disgusting and shady characters lurk around every corner. Mage's apartment is no different, littered with empty cups of ramen and most of his home appliances aren't even functional. It was destroyed by Symmetry during the events of Bandit Territory and everyone who was inside died along with it.

King Kingman and LT's Castle/Underground Lair



  • School is banned from New City, as King Kingman doesn't believe in education.

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