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Neopets, is an upcoming 2019 show that is created by Cassie Moats. it's usually featured on Nick X.

Show Premise

the show fallows a young Kacheek named Kayla who while adjusting to her new life in Neopia Central, makes new friends in the Neolodge she moves into and they decide to call themselves the Neo's. most of the Series is about the Neo's helping there school mates, even the school bullies the Meanies led by a young Skeith named Butch or there families. her friends are semi-spoiled Cindy, tomboyish Alex, Fashion loving yet highly strong Cyrus, new girl Li and curious Juniper.


(The ones with the - means there good while the ones with the means' 'there bad.)

The Neo's

  • Kayla - a Pink Kacheek whose the leader of the Neo's.
  • Cindy - a Blue Cybunny whose orignally from Terror Mountain whose the first Neopet youngster that Kayla befriends.
  • Alexandra "Alex" - a tomboyish Purple Kyrii whose the Second Neopet youngster that Kayla befriends.
  • Cyrus - a Red Ruki whose orginally from Lost Dessert the Third Neopet youngster that Kayla befriends. he's also the oldest of Kayla's friends and the only boy of the group.
  • Lianne "Li" - a Purple Vandagyre whose the fourth Neopet youngster that Kayla befriends. 
  • Juniper  - a Yellow Ixi orginally from Meridell and is the fifth Neopet youngster that Kayla befriends. she's also the youngest of Kayla's friends.

The Meanie's

  • Butch a Orange Skeith whose the leader of the Meanie's a group of Neopet youngsters who bullies other children. he mostly bullies Kayla but he and his gang occasionally assists the Neo's.
  • Craig a Fire colored Grarrl whose Butch's best friend. he lives with his grandparents. he's also one of the two Meanie's who live in the Neolodge with the Neo's the other Being Dennis.
  • Jet a Electric colored Jetsam.
  • Buzzer a Stary colored Buzz whose the least mean of the Meanie's.
  • Dennis a Striped Hissi who only joined the Meanie's so he can improve his strength. he's also one of the two Meanie's who live in the Neolodge with the Neo's the other being Craig.

The Families

  • Dylan and Karina - Kayla's parents, Dylan is a white Kacheek who works as a journalist for the Neopia Gazette while Karina is a blue Kacheek whose a housekeeper.
    • Kevin and Katie - Kayla's twin baby siblings who were born at the end of Episode 4.
  • Ben Sr. and Courtney - Cindy's parents, Ben Sr., a brown Cybunny is fourty times winner of the annuel Terror Moutain snowball fight competition until moving to Neopia Central were he now works at the General Store while Courtney a pink Cybunny runs the Book Shop in the main shops.
    • Ben Jr. "Benny" - Cindy's little brother, an electric skinned Cybunny whose often a pest towards Cindy due to his age.
  • Joe - Alex's father, Joe is a skunk colored Kyrii whose a former battledome runner-up.
    • Alex's mother Jane is often shown in the series only in flashbacks, she divorced Joe four months after Alex's birth explaining why Alex hardly understands Mother's Day and treats her aunt (see below) like her mother.
    • June - Alex's aunt, a speckled Kyrii who acts like the mother Alex didn't get to see nor meet.
  • Oswald and Sierra - Cyrus' parents, Oswald, a striped Ruki and his wife Sierra ,a pink Ruki runs of one of the stores in the market place. they both have been known to be the main reason on why Cyrus is fashion obsessed.
    • Rudolph "Rudy" - Cyrus' little brother, a small green Ruki whom Cyrus is highly protective over, Rudy loves his big brother and often goes with The Neo's on adventures.
  • Tamm - Li's mother, she's a Polkadot skinned Vandagyre whom does house keeping in the Neolodge. Li also has a father but he wasn't able to go to Neopia Central with his wife and daughter.
  • Felix - Juniper's widowed father. a blue Ixi, Felix is a very protective parent over his only child Juniper. his wife and Juniper's mother got eaten by the Snowager and he's been forbidding Juniper to go near the Snowager sense.

The Neolodge Residents

  • Madame Pteri - a purple Pteri whose The Neo's and the Meanie's teacher and landlady of the Neolodge.
  • Phillip and Maryam - an elderly Garrl couple who are Craig's grandparents.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nimmo - a Nimmo couple, Mr. Nimmo is a blue Nimmo while Mrs. Nimmo is a green Nimmo and a friend of Karina. they had a Tadpol named Nimmie at the end of the first season.
  • Denise Hissi - Dennis' mother.
    • Linus Hissi - Dennis' baby brother.
  • Harold - a bachelor Yurble and Kayla's right next door neighbor.

The Neo School for Neopet Youngsters Students

  • Larry - A Yellow Lenny, he's the most active of the Neo's classmates as he is full of engery just like every other Lenny in Neopia, his mother Laura, a spotted Lenny runs the Centrals bakery and Cocoa shop and seems to be unaware of Larry's over entergenic level.


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