Mystic Runner is a British/American film made by Nickelodeon Studios, Formula Comedy and, in its first Nickelodeon production, It's a Laugh Productions. It first aired on July 18, 2012. It was filmed at BBC Television Centre, UK.


Michael "Mike" Heagan (TMQ) was a ordinary fan of the Metric Element Central Triple-Off, until he fiddled their training bikes and became the 22nd leader of his favourite team, the Mystic Runners. Now, he must go on the craziest adventures in order to win the Triple-Off with true spirit!




TMQ (Director, Creator)


TMQ as Michael "Mike" Heagan - The 22nd leader of the Mystic Runners. He is the protagonist of the series.

as Hank

as Jerry

as Rocky

as Arthur Conan - The former 21st leader of the Mystic Runners and the 2nd leader of the Fiery Ruins. He is the antagonist of the series.

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