Mysterious Commercials are commercials on a variety of Nick networks that feature one character doing something mysterious, and then the mysterious thing turns into a humourous thing at the end.


  • Chrome is crying for an unknown reason, but then it turns out he's just cutting onions for some sort of dish.
  • Bagel is running away from his home for an unknown reason, then it turns out he wants to catch a frisbee.
  • John digs a hole for no reason, but in the end it turns out he buried a time capsule.


  • In all of the commercials, the number 73 is well-hidden in most of them.
    • In Chrome's commercial, it's hidden in the soup. This was hidden for several months undiscovered until March.
    • In Bagel's commercial, the side of the house he runs from has a tiny 73 on the side of it.
    • In John's commercial, for two frames, the dirt spells out 73.

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