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Mysteries is a mystery-drama animated television series created by IAmBagel. It primered on KM TV on November 27, 2015. The series is rated TV-14.

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Horror 
Creator: IAmBagel 
Writer: IAmBagel 
Director: IAmBagel 
Developer: IAmBagel 
List of episodes: List of Mysteries episodes 
Executive producer: MattBoo

Invader Rob 

Producer: IAmBagel


Asst. producer: KM 
Production Company: Family Fanon Favorites Entertainment 
Runtime: 23 minutes (excluding commercials) 
Original Channel: KM TV 
First aired: November 27, 2015


The series follows Sheila, a young self-proclaimed detective. After her 16th birthday passes, strange things begin to occur in her town, including various murders of well-known citizens, strange demon-like creatures being sighted, and citizens begin to act strange. Determined to find out why these strange occurrences are happening, Sheila decides to become a detective and figure out why mysterious things are starting to occur.



Sheila: TBA

Tommy: TBA

Sammy: TBA

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