My Life as a Teenage Invader is a fictional crossover film between My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Invader Zim. It involves Zim attempting to capture Jenny and utilize her weapon systems in order to conquer the Earth and send her to the Almighty Tallest as a gift to the Irken Empire. It's up to Dib, Gaz, Brad, and friends to protect her. This movie also introduces two new characters: a spiteful Irken Invader named Ivan and an Irken bounty hunter named Raf.


The story begins with Zim and GIR on the roof spying on Dib, who is watching Mysterious Mysteries and Gaz is playing her Game Slave as usual. More coming soon...



  • Early in the film, it is revealed that Professor Membrane and Dr. Wakeman are longtime friends.
  • Zim states that the Cluster is a major opponent of the Irken Empire.