Mr. Fan: The Super Origins 
Genre: Action Fantasy, Cartoon Violence, 
Creator: JonathanAlbrard 
Director: TBA 
Developer: TBA 
Starring: TBA 
Number of seasons: TBA 
List of episodes: List of Mr. Fan: The Super Origins episodes 
Executive producer: TBA 
Producer: TBA 
Asst. producer: TBA 
Runtime: 22 minutes (without commercials) 
First aired: 2026 
Preceded by: Mr. Fan: The New Generation 
Related: Acorn Madness

Mr. Fan: The Super Origins is a revival series of Mr. Fan: The Ultimate Legacy and Mr. Fan: The New Generation. It premiered on 2026, on the show's 13th anniversary. The show is rated TBA,


Main Characters

  • Mr. Fan: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • SuperSaiyanKirby: TBA
  • MattBoo: TBA
  • Y-Guy: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • Homestar Runner: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA
  • TBA: TBA


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