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Moose vs. Zoo is a show Created by NermalTheBunny


  • Battle Begins (Moose's friends has been kidnapped by the zookeeper and send them to the zoo, Moose has to rescue them and destroy, conquer and take over the zoo.)/Sailor Fuku Blues (A girl from high school's uniform was once again stolen and Moose wants to destroy it with a Japanese school uniform.)
  • Cow Junior (A baby cow called a calf was founded at the zoo, Moose steals a calf from him and the zoo.)/Goo at the Zoo (A slimy thing appears that wants to brainwash the zookeeper, Moose wants to team up with him.)
  • Packages from Planet Earth (Moose buys packages from ABay and get the zoo off the location center.)/Super Bike! (Moose steals a bike from a superhero that can face the zookeeper and finally take over the zoo.)
  • Moose Tank (Moose borrows a tank from Area 52 and began to destroy the zoo and once again free the animals.)/One Giant Moose (Moose gets a growth ray and grows big and huge that he can destroy the zoo.)
  • The Invasion at the Zoo (Moose encounters the aliens that the zoo's 100th anniversary party was open today and wanted them to destroy it and free the animals once again.)/Send in the Metal Mites (Moose orders a box of metal mites to eat cages that have animals inside it and escape.)
  • Catapult-A-Pult (Moose gets a catapult that can shoot boulders that can really destroy the zoo.)/Moose Lays a Bomb (Moose buys a lot of dymanite and some bombs to once again destroy the zoo.)


  • Canada: Teletoon/Télétoon
  • United States: Qubo
  • United Kindgom: Nicktoons
  • Ireland: RTE Two, CULA4
  • France: Canal J, Canal+, Gulli
  • Germany: Super RTL
  • The Netherlands: Disney XD
  • Spain: Disney Channel
  • Portugal: Disney Channel
  • Italy: Italia 1
  • Poland: Teletoon+
  • Latin America: Cartoon Network
  • Australia: ABC3
  • New Zealand: Nickelodeon
  • Southeast Asia: Cartoon Network
  • Philippines: Cartoon Network
  • South Korea: Tooniverse
  • Japan: Disney XD

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