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Moose vs. Zoo is a show created by NermalTheBunny


  • Battle Begins (Moose's friends has been kidnapped by the zookeeper and send them to the zoo, and Moose has to rescue them and destroy, conquer and take over all of the zoo.)/Sailor Fuku Blues (A girl from high school's uniform was once again stolen and Moose wants to destroy it with a Japanese school uniform.)
  • Cow Junior (A baby cow called a calf was founded at the zoo, Moose steals a calf from him and the zoo.)/Goo at the Zoo (A slimy thing appears that wants to brainwash the zookeeper, Moose wants to team up with him.)
  • Packages from Planet Earth (Moose buys packages from ABay and get the zoo off the location center.)/Super Bike! (Moose steals a bike from a superhero that can face the zookeeper and finally take over the zoo.)
  • Moose Tank (Moose borrows a tank from Area 52 and began to destroy the zoo and once again free the animals.)/One Giant Moose (Moose gets a growth ray and grows big and huge that he can destroy the zoo.)
  • The Invasion at the Zoo (Moose encounters the aliens that the zoo's 100th anniversary party was open today and wanted them to destroy it and free the animals once again.)/Send in the Metal Mites (Moose orders a box of metal mites to eat cages that have animals inside it and escape.)
  • Catapult-A-Pult (Moose gets a catapult that can shoot boulders that can really destroy the zoo.)/Moose Lays a Bomb (Moose buys a lot of dymanite and some bombs to once again destroy the zoo.)


  • Canada: YTV
  • United Kingdom: CBBC
  • France: Jetix
  • Germany: Jetix
  • The Netherlands: Jetix
  • Italy: Jetix
  • Poland: Jetix
  • Scandinavia: Jetix
  • Australia: ABC Kids