Monkey Quest: The Series is a cartoon based of the online game on Monkey Quest. It premired on November 11th, 2013.



The main character. He is a adventure loving monkey who is destined to defeat the shadow monsters and save Ook. He is often joined by his brother, Iek on his adventures.


Duu's big brother. He is a loud mouthed tough monkey who is willing to destroy any evil.


Duu and Iek's little bro. He is the youngest of the three and is often left behind during adventures


Duu's love interest. She may be catutious, but she is just as bullheaded as Iek.


Duu, Iek, and Zut's father. He is a mechanic and makes weapons to help the boys on their adventures.

The Shadow Monsters

The main villains of the series. They are evil creatues determined to destroy Ook and it's tribes.

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