Misadv. of Maverick 
Genre: Animated comedy 
Creator: Matthew Stone 
Developer: Nicktoons Studios 
Starring: Nancy Cartwright
Jeremy Shada
Tara Strong
Nicky Jones 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 45 
List of episodes: List of Misadv. of Maverick episodes 
Runtime: 21-24 minutes (11-12 minutes per segment) (approx. per episode) 
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV) 
First run: March 27, 2010 - present 
Preceded by: Matthew's World 
Related: The Matthew's World Babies (another spin-off)
Xsaviar's Awesome Adventures (yet another spin-off)

Misadv. of Maverick (oftenly shortened as Maverick) is an American television series that airs on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, NickTV, and Cartoon Network/Hub/Nicktoons. This is a spin-off of the popular Nicktoon, Matthew's World. This series takes place in a house at Oakes, North Dakota, with 3-7 cousins (depending on the episode) and 2 grandparents. The main character is Matthew's five- year old and trouble making cousin, Maverick. The second season is currently airing, while a third season is in the works.