Mashed Potatoes With Gravy on the Side is an episode of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.


Chrome makes an animation and shows the gang.

Chrome sets up a movie-like screen in his living room that covers his TV, and configures the settings on it's black border. Chrome calls the gang, and they arrive shortly. Daccino is visibly excited about the movie, but everyone else isn't except for Bagel, who shows some signs of eagerness. Chrome plays the movie, and the screen zooms in on it.

In the badly-drawn movie, Chrome meets up with King Jerk and asks him to make him the king. King Jerk gives him the crown and everyone cheers. King Jerk explodes and mashed potatoes rain from the sky. Chrome sits on his throne when Bagel appears out of nowhere, asking Chrome to stop the mashed potatoes. Chrome says he likes mashed potatoes, and all of a sudden gravy starts to rain down on the citizens. King Jerk, who is brought back to life, drowns in the gravy and then explodes again. Lord Zorgu and Shem appear and the gravy destroys the castle. Chrome somehow flies to the clouds and presses a button, stopping the rain. The citizens cheer and make him president of the universe. Lord Zorgu and Shem get angry and explode.

The animation ends, and Daccino claps. They leave, and Chrome realizes he needs to extend his animation. TBA.

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