Make Room for Us! 
Genre: Teen sitcom 
Creator: SuperSaiyanKirby 
Director: Dan Schneider 
Developer: Dan Schneider 
Starring: Ciara Bravo

Isabella Acres

Zachary Gordon

Tom Kenny

Grey DeLisle

Carlos Alazraqui 

Voices: Carlos Alazraqui voices Mr. Roboto.

Additional voices 

Theme composer: Zebrahead 
Opening theme: "Magical Roboto" 
End theme: "Magical Roboto" (Instrumental) . Shows bloopers. 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 26 
List of episodes: List of Make Room for Us! episodes 
Executive producer: SuperSaiyanKirby 
Producer: Todd J. Greenwald 
Editor: Simon Martin 
Location: Hollywood, California 
Camera: Ian Jones 
Runtime: 30 minutes 
First aired: September 1, 2007 
Last aired: March 5, 2010 
Followed by: Make Room for a Reunion! 
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Make Room for Us! was a live-action television series about a girl named Sophie Berlgarg (Ciara Bravo), and her siblings, Miranda Berlgarg (Isabella Acres) and Tyler Berlgarg (Zachary Gordon) discovering a magical toy robot named Mr. Roboto (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) in the attic of their new house, but, they got to keep their robot away from their dad (Tom Kenny) and their babysitter (Grey DeLisle). The series ended on March 5, 2010, and currently reruns on TeenNick, and will premiere on NickTV in September 2011.


Guest stars

  • Dr. Roboto (Jeff Glen Bennett) - When Miranda got the chicken pox, Mr. Roboto called Dr. Roboto to tell them the problem. Sophie, Mr. Roboto, and himself went to Chicken Pox Island to find the antidote. And he also appeared in "One Strange Family Reunion" and "Party Family", even the final episode.
  • Coco Nerman (Jennette McCurdy) - Coco is Katie's daughter and tries to tell the whole school that the Berlgargs have a magical toy robot. However, they don't believe her. She made several appearences in the show, even the final episode.
  • Sammy Berlgarg (David Hornsby) - Sammy is a relative of the kids and Bob, suspecting that they are hiding toys.
  • The Troll (John DiMaggio) - The Troll is an evil demon from a pararell dimension when Mr. Roboto opened up a portal. The Troll came back in the series finale.