Lord Zorgu's Day of Stuff is the tenth episode of the second season of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.


Short Plot

Lord Zorgu goes through his usual day.

Long Plot

Chrome is sleeping when he wakes up in the middle of the night. The GameBoy then gets out it's claws and grabs Chrome by the neck. Chrome, struggling to breathe. Chrome gets out a laser gun from his weapon storage and shoots the GameBoy, making it break the window. Chrome looks out the window, and sees Lord Zorgu's spaceship. Chrome wonders what Lord Zorgu does all day.

A day later, Lord Zorgu wakes up on his spaceship, with Zroid already in the kitchen making a waffle-egg-bacon sandwich. Lord Zorgu gets out a box of Captain Crunch and eats it. Lord Zorgu then enters a trapdoor leading to a small office, but when Lord Zorgu turns the lights on, weapons in the background are revealed. Zroid then falls on Lord Zorgu.

Lord Zorgu activates his weapon, testing it on a target. It traps the target in a jail cell. Lord Zorgu then gets out a Chrome ragdoll and uses a freeze ray on it, freezing it. Zroid then eats the ragdoll.




  • Chrome couldn't be struggling to breathe while being choked, as robots cannot breathe.

Running Gags

  • Sarude - Dandstorm is mentioned.
  • A small crack is on Chrome's face throughout the episode.

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