Lord Trov
Personal Information
Species Puffball
Birth Date October 18, 1972
Age 42
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 230 lb.
Relatives Doug (son)
Amanda (daughter)
Morton (son)
Other Information
Alias(es) Lord Trov
Love Interest(s) Sandra
Enemies King Kingman
LT Fan
Residence Unknown
Weapons Various
Abilities Flight
Enhanced strength
Energy projection
Alignment Evil (currently)
Good (formerly)
Marital Status Married
Debut The Bagel Show
Created By IAmBagel
Signature Appearance The Bagel Show
English Eric Bauza

"I no longer desire to raise a family, my life as a father is in the past. I have my own needs now, and I'm not letting my family hold me back."
Lord Trov[1]

Trov McDougington, better known as Lord Trov, is a minor antagonist of The Bagel Show. He is an evil warmonger, as well as the leader of the Vrunlost army.


Early life

Most of Trov's early life remains ambiguous, other than the fact that he previously lived in Fort Pooda before moving to Crazville. During the late 1990's, he met and married Sandra Win, and had three children: Doug, Amanda, and Morton.

Early adulthood


Finding Vrunlost

Around 2009, Trov begin noticing strange, masked men appearing in his town. These men would normally do nothing, but after seeing the men for quite some time, they began to show up outside of the family's house and stare blankly at it, sometimes surrounding it and even banging against the windows. However, the men did no actual harm to the house nor the family, but this continued for several weeks.

One day, on his way home from work, Trov was suddenly tackled by 3 large men, who wore the same masks as the men stalking his home. The men began to attack Trov, but then suddenly retreated into the ally ahead of them. Trov, confused, looked to see if the authorities were chasing after them, but was surprised to see 5 puffballs chase after the men into the ally. Curious as to what was happening, Trov quietly followed the puffballs into the ally. 


Events of "The Bagel Show"







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