Airdate: June 17th, 2019
Writer(s): Superhappyyoshis
Main: Superhappyyoshis
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Lord Leopard is the fourth episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, Xcer launches his first attack on the crocodiles.


Count: So how much do you clean your toilet?

Random Crocodile: Millions of times daily, my son ate too much and-

Count: -is about to throw up but gulps it down- How interesting...!

Twotails: -Walks up to set- I will give you some advice. Remember how you said you kill tons of fish daily, and give them all to your son? Well, maybe you can stop that and see how it turns out!

Random Crocodile: Okay-dee-aties! I am famous for toilet cleaning! Girl to the rescue!

Count: Goodbye fans!

Twotails: Remember, there is a leopard as a viewer today! Derek, turn around and show the guys on TV the crowd!

Derek: Right on it... i... it... Twotails.... <3

-Derek moves the camera to Xcer and Genocor-

Genocor: This is what you want me to destroy?

Xcer: Yes... and I come for the kill...

Random Crocodile: Ooh! Your so bad :D!

Xcer: =_= -throws crocodile out of Croctopolus-

Random Crocodile: AHHHHH....ah....

The Greens: O_O.... Umm... Ah ah... ah ah.... Baa baa.... ahh ahh! Sometimes we better run away! And theres always some feet to save the da-

-explosion happens on the other side of Croctopolous-

Random Crocodile: Ow... -dies-

Twotails: Hold on, -walks over to Xcer-

Genocor: -is laughing- YOU REALLY GOT EM' THIS TIME!!!!

Xcer: Yes.

Twotails: Can you please not kill guest?

Xcer: -is whispering to Genocor- Watch how I do this one, wolf buddy!

Genocor: Yeah yeah... wait- I'M A COYOTE NOT A WOLF D:<

Xcer: Why, two-tailed croc, I think your brain is dearly so small!

Twotails: GRR....

Genocor: Yeah! And your also an alligator!!! HA HA!!!


Xcer: And you lay eggs, FROM YO BOTTOM!

-Xcer and Genocor star laughing really loud as all the crocs come up and surround them-

Random Crocodile: My word. My mate will hate what you said about the egg laying!


Count: And in a nest, were you will never find them!

Genocor: -is holding three crocodile eggs and eats them- I found your nest!

Xcer: And you only have one egg left!

Twotails: -eyes water- Fine! -Sniffles- Have them! -starts crying-

Count: -gets really mad- GAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xcer: Oh my.

Genocor: RUUUUN!!!!

-the two run-

Twotails: Are they gone? G.O.N?

All crocs: Yes.

Twotails: Okay then... I found the "eggs from the you-know-what" very offensive >:(

Count: Okay, everybody, you may leave.

-The crocodiles leave and the screen fades and Twotails, Count, and the egg are shown in a home-

Twotails: Be quite, I think our third one it about to arrive.

Count: Really?!

Twotails: Yeah! Oh wait- no. It's just me. -stares at egg-

Count: Well, we won't be that active with the show until this hatches.

-the episode ends-

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