Lodge: The Secret Deafenders 
The Show's officail Logo. 
Genre: Action/Drama, Adventure 
Creator: Invader Rob 
Director: IAmBagel 
Developer: Invader Rob 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 45 
List of episodes: List of Lodge: The Secret Deafenders episodes 
Executive producer: MattBoo 
Producer: HomestarSB9 
Asst. producer: IAmBagel 
Production Company: Invader Productions, StarCo. 
First aired: September 15, 2012 
Last aired: TBA 2016 
Followed by: Lodge XL
Lodge: The Secret Deafenders is a drama-cartoon/action cartoon that takes place in the UK. It is about a boy named Gavin and he finds out he was destined to be the leader of The Secret Lodge Deafenders. It prmired on September 15, 2012. The series started predecding a finash, following Lodge XL.



  • Gavin: Leader of the Lodge. His color is Red and his Deafend is a wood sword.
  • Sara: Gavin's crush of the team. Her color is Pink and her Deafend is a mirror.
  • Keven: The smart one of the team. His color is Green and his Deafend is a Techno Quister.
  • Cathy: TBA
  • Jace: TBA
  • Matthew: TBA
  • Master Jikka: TBA


  • Master Qui: Jikka's brother who turned agaist the family and tries to destroy the Logde and the World.
  • Niccza: Master Qui's loyal Genral.

Minor Character

Ze Swab: An insane person who has a french accent.

Zeeb: Ze Swab's best friend.


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