Liz & Jim is an American animated series created by EliNinja. It aired on ABC from December 25, 1999 - August 11th, 2001 with 3 seasons and 24 episodes and was originally spun off from the 1-minute animated short film, "Steak", which was shown before Hercules in 1997. The series has also occasionally aired on Toon Disney from 2004-2006 and it's replacement Disney XD from 2010-2012.

In March 2016, Disney and EliDigitals announced that a darker-themed reboot of the series was in production. The new series is set to premiere on Disney XD by May 2016.


The series revolves around 10-year-old Liz Samson (voiced by Kath Soucie) and her twin brother, Jim Samson (voiced by Alex D. Linz). They usually go on adventures and do random stuff, especially watching television (their favorite hobby). But sometimes, things could get serious. But often, the main subject of the series is to just have fun.



Main Article: Liz & Jim/Episodes

Series Overview

Season Premiere Finale Episodes
One December 25, 1999 February 12, 2000 8
Two May 6, 2000 June 24, 2000 8
Three June 23, 2001 August 11, 2001 8

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