Futurama: TV-PG DLSV/TV-14 DLSV

The Simpsons: TV-PG DLSV/TV-14 DLSV

Family Guy: TV-14 DLSV

Home Movies: TV-PG/TV-14 DLSV

Bob's Burgers: TV-PG DLSV/TV-14-DLSV

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (TV-MA Episodes edited for TV-14) TV-PG/TV-14-DLSV

South Park: TV-MA LV


Season One

TV-PG Episodes: 11

TV-14 Episodes: 2

Space Pilot 3000: TV-PG-L

The Series Has Landed: TV-PG-D

I, Roommate: TV-PG-DL

Love Lavours Lost In Space: TV-PG-DLS

Fear of a Bot Planet: TV-PG-DLV

A Fishful of Dollars: TV-14

My Three Suns: TV-PG-DLV

A Big Peice Of Garbage: TV-PG-DLS

Hell is Other Robots: TV-14-D

A Flight To Remember: TV-PG-D

Mars University: TV-PG

When Aliens Attack: TV-PG-DL

Fry & the Slurm Factory: TV-PG-DL

Season Two

TV-PG Episodes: 11

TV-14 Episodes: 8

I Second That Emotion: TV-PG-DL

Brannagan, Begin Again: TV-PG-DL

A Head In The Polls: TV-14-D

Xmas Story: TV-PG-LV

Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love?: TV-14-DLV

The Lesser of Two Evils: TV-14

Put your head on My Shoulders: TV-PG-DLSV

Raging Bender: TV-PG-LV

A Byciclops Built for Two: TV-14-D

A Clone of My Own: TV-PG-DL

How Hermes Requisitioned his Groove Back: TV-PG DLS

The Deep South: TV-14-S

Bender Gets Made: TV-PG-DLV

Mother's Day: TV-14-DLS

The Problem with Popplers: TV-PG-DV

Anthology of Interest I: TV-PG-DLSV

War is the H Word: TV-PG-DLSV

The Honking: TV-PG-LV

The Cryonic Woman: TV-14

Season Three Amazonian Woman in the Mood: TV-PG-DLSV

== The Simpsons== TBA

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