These are a list of Like It! Cartoons episodes. Each episode has 3 segments.

Season 1

# Series Title Airdate Overview Code
1a Jonathan Runaway Sodaboy January 1, 2003 a boy named Jonathan run away from home While after breaking mom's jewel. 101
1b Jonathan Who's The Killer January 1, 2003 Jonathan sees a killer kills the president...So Jonathan will find the killer. 102
1c The Adventure of Danger. Record or Death January 1, 2003 a boy named Bob Jiggleyacks find a remote and it's too dangerous. if Bob will Record or Died. 103
2a T.U.F.F. Puppy Tuff Puppy August 2, 2003 A dog and a cat try to stop a rat from taking over the city. 104
2b Catscratch Three Awsome Cats August 2, 2003 TBA 105
2c Barney Sucks The Death of Barney August 2, 2003 Two kids kill a big ugly purple dinosaur/blob. 106
3a The Amazing World of Gumball Trouble in School! August 12, 2003 Gumball is in trouble on school for being there for like 9 hours. 107
3b Danny Phantom The Boy Who Got Ghost Powers August 12, 2003 After discovering the ghost portal, Danny gets his ghost powers.
Note: This is the pilot for Danny Phantom.
3c Robot & Monster That Robot is Playing Polo August 12, 2003 Robot wants to play polo then later he invents "The De-Playing Machine 2000 and accidentally blast him self with it and don't play polo again. so will Robot will bulids a Playing Machine. find out. 109
4a FoodsVilleTownPolis! Just A Club, Diet Pepsi

September 10, 2004

Diet Pepsi was invited to Doritos' Club and gets too late for the club at 8:00 am. 110

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