Here is the list for the Nickelodeon series Stick Boyz

Season 1

Each episode will feature one of Yellow's Cartoon Shorts.

1. A bug or something... (aired July 14, 2011) Red gets his voice to be popular.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: The Cowboy & The Pencil

2. Panda Hat (aired July 15, 2011) Purple buys Green a cute panda hat.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: Crash Test Mummies

3. Crazy War (aired July 16, 2011) Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, & White start the world's most craziest war.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: OH YEAH!!!

4. Traffic Jams (aired July 17, 2011) Blue gets annoyed by Red while their both in traffic. Meanwhile, White & Green are watching TV.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: Double Trouble

5. Blue Vs. T-Rex (aired July 18, 2011) Red & Green are hiding from a giant T-Rex, it's up to Blue to save them.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: Gareth the Fool

6. Oh My God... (aired July 19, 2011) Blue gets freaked out.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: The Kid & The Bowling Ball

7. The Sneeze of Doom! (aired July 20, 2011) Orange is about to release his secert weapon: THE SNEEZE OF DOOM!

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: Gareth the Fool 2: Gareth goes school concil

8. The Puppy! (aired July 21, 2011) Blue gets a Puppy for Green, but he has to share it with Red.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: Rap Song

9. Role Playas (aired July 22, 2011) Blue, Red, & Green do a drama play.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: Gareth the Fool 3: Gareth gets revenge

10. Future Robots (aired July 30, 2011) Red, Blue, & Green travel to the time "2040" and releasing that thier city is under attack by robots.

  • Yellow's Cartoon Short: The Story So Far...

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