NOTE: The only people who may make episodes are IAmBagel, Invader Rob, HomestarSB9, Sr. Wario, MattBoo, and JellyfishJam38

Season 1

1: Mystery of Mel Ave.: The mayor's son is kidnapped, and Wordle and Cat try to solve the mystery (Airdate: 6/10/11)

2: Jailbirds: TBA

3: Some Stupid Sisterhood: TBA

4: Less than Meets the Eye: TBA

5: The Episode: TBA

6: Brock: TBA

7: Evil Goat: TBA

9: Rest my Case: TBA

10: Bring on The Heat: TBA

11: TBA

12: TBA

13: TBA

14: TBA

15: TBA

16: TBA

17: TBA

18: TBA

19: TBA

20: Kitten Vs. Monkey Pox: Kitten catches a rare infection called "Monkey Pox. TBA


Season 2



Cat and Penguinio's Big Merf: TBA

Moe's Bathroom of Horrors: TBA


Zuko is a beast Zim's Town

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