These are the episodes in the TV show,Welcome to Nicktropolis. (Sr.Wario,Invader Rob,JellyfishJam38,HomestarSB9 and Bagel are the ONLY ones allowed to make episodes.

Season 1

1: An adventure begins: Young Joe Wari is kidnapped by villains from another dimension who try to harvest his light energy. After escaping, Joe learns he is not on Earth anymore.

2: Full House: The fanons argue over where Joe's going to live.

3:Coming War: LT Fan declares war and the Fanons must assemble troops and get help from Crazville for the war.

4: Mango's Candy Hoarde: Mango hides his vault of delicous food during the war which upsets the gang.

5: Battle of Steli Castle: TBA

6: Vurtial Hair Cut: TBA

7: Sword Fight: TBA

8: Ambush: TBA

9: Shrimp Stew: TBA

10: Destiny of The Green Hoodie Guy: TBA

11: Virus Alert: TBA

12: Countdown: TBA

13: The Final War Zone: Joe Wari and his friends battle LT Fan for the last time.

Season 2 (Cancelled)

During production, the series was originally green lighted for two seasons, but was a veiwing bomb on television, and Nickelodeon changed it with no second season and only 13 episodes to season one. If the series was to go on, season would have has 20 episodes insted of 13 and the second season would focus on Joe Wari fighting the Thung Mungs and crew.

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