Say IMAP than say NIS intro card

Make you're own Episodes but there ARE rules

  1. All episodes are TV-14 but you can add any guidelines to the TV-14. Crude Dialouge (D) Sexual Content (S) Strong Language (L) or Intense Violence (V)
  2. All episodes Come out on Wednesdays
  3. Season one- 2004 Season 2- 2005 Season 3- 2006 Season 4- 2007 Season 5- 2008 Season 6- 2013 Season 7- 2014 Season 8- 2015 Season 9- 2016 no more after Season 9
  4. 26 Episodes a Season

Season One (2004)

Invention Moe and Joe find a time machine in Eddy's garage. (Rating: TV-14 DLV)

Season Two (2004-2005)

The 2005 Movie

Movie Light R for Language

Season Three (2006)

Season Four (2007)

Echo's Eco-Friendly Adventure TV-14-LV

Season Five (2008)

Season Six (2013)

Back to The Holez TV-14-DL Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Cancel Dora And Friends TV-14-L Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Season Seven (2014)

Season Eight (2015)

Season Nine (2016) (Last Season)

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