Here are all of the Twilight the Bat episodes.

Twitching Twilight

Twilight starts twitching everytime she hears the word "Dracula" and the others try to stop it.
Moonlight Over Owls and Bats
Twilight and her friends make friends with Owls, but the hardly know about Vesous
I am your chick (Title Parody: I am your father) (from Star Wars)
Twilight pretends to be Vesous' chick, but then Vesous attempts to eat Twilight and take over the world.
Destroyer, my Vesous
Vesous makes Earth crumble so he can destroy it, and only Twilight can stop it.
100th Century Bat (Title Parody: 20th Century Fox)
Twilight and the other main characters predict the future. Most of the scenes focus on the flashbacks and thoughts.
New Bat in cave
Twilight's mom has another pup, and the cave changes.
Twilight Jr.
Another mom names her newborn pup Twilight Jr, and Twilight gets creeped out. However, Vesous tries to eat it.
Male? MALE?!
Twilight is called a "male" and she gets mad. Vesous attempts to eat her, and he is scared of the whole "male" thing.
BATMAN! Wait, Twilight.
An episode of Batman with funny parts and in Twilight the Bat character replace the Batman characters.
It will come in years...
Twilight dreams of having a pup, but she knows it will come WAY later...
Never Clever
Twilight finds a school where not a single bat is smart.
Bats of the Cave (Title Parody: Pirates of the Carrabian)
Twilight and his friends goes on a fake Pirate ride at night at the park, but things don't go as planed. Meanwhile, Vesous tries to destroy the park.
Brand New Plan
Vesous tries to destroy the universe (he repeats this plan in the video game).
Live Bat Garden (Title Parody: Live Butterfly Garden)
When smugglers make pet bats for sale, Twilight and her friends find out Vesous is helping them.
You just said the "P" word again!
Twilight, after 6 weeks, says the word "pup" again and wishes she had one again. This is the sequel to the episode "It will come in Years..."
This is Batty Time, This is Batty Time (Title Parody: This is Halloween, this is Halloween)
Twilight and friends go to a bat party. Vesous tries to crash the party.
Battystone Park (Title Parody: Yellowstone Park)
Twilight goes to the park and there is a rat attack.
Foxy Grandpa
Twilight's Grandad comes over and all of Twilight's friends come over to eat dead fox with them.
The boys next store
Twilight finds a store right next to her cave, and finds out that many male bats live there.
Bags (Title Parody: Rags)
Vesous traps many bats in bags and Twilight needs to stop it.
Are You Sappy Now? (Title Parody: Are You Happy Now)
Twilight gets stuck in tree sap because of Vesous and her friends need to save her.
Bright Shadows (Title Parody: Dark Shadows)
Twlight needs to go to bed because it's daytime, but she is addicted to playing games.
Pre-Hibernation Week
It is getting close to Fall, and Twilight needs to do fun things before she sleeps for the winter.
Hibernation Week
This episode shows all of the dreams Twilight is having. This is the sequel to Pre-Hibernation Week.
On the 2nd day of Christmas
Twilight needs to stay awake for 2 nights of winter because of Christmas Eve and Christmas. Meanwhile, Vesous does not hibernate and tries to crash the Christmas bat party.
What weird humans...
Twilight and the other bats need to find a new cave because the old one ws destroyed by humans. Later it is revealed that Vesous gave the people the idea.
iBat (Title Parody: iPad)
Twilight gets an iPad.
It is mealworm season and Twilight eats all of the mealworms she can catch.
Fire at the fire department
Vesous steals all of the water and other fire-fighting stuff and sets the bat fire department on fire. Meanwhile, Twilight hears the news.
Fear of a Mealworm (Title Parody: Fear of a Krabby Patty)
Twilight eats too many mealworms until she is scared of them.
When Twilight is looking at candy, she gets mad when she sees "Gummy Bats"
Love Batulator (Title Parody: Love Caculator)
A male bat falls in love with Twilight, and she is mad.
No Need for me...
Twilight goes back in time and sees what the world would be like without her. She finds out that the universe would be destroyed by Vesous without her.
Twilight with a chance of Mealworms (Title Parody: Clowdy with a Chance of Meatballs)
Twilight thinks it's raining mealworms and she eats too many of them.
Killer Owl
Twilight finds out that Vesous killer her mom and dad when she was 2.
How to Fly (Title Parody: How to Rock)
Twilight teaches Twilight Jr. how to fly.
How to train your Twilight (Title Parody: How to train your Dragon)
Vesous tries to teach Twilight how to be evil, but fails and teaches her how to kill a cow, eat an apple, fly into a hat, and bite.
LT Racoon, the bad one
Vesous hires his newest minion, LT Racoon, to eat Twilight.
Plan 0
Vesous runs out of plans and only has 1 plan left, hug the smelly LT Racoon and tell him to attack Twilight. He FAILS and has to repeat his plans.
Bat Ball Z (Title Parody: Dragon Ball Z)
Twilight learns how to play softball and Vesous repeats the plan from "Bags"
Twilght flies like crazy. Vesous repeats the plan from "Male? MALE!?"
Owl Robber
Vesous repeats the plan from "BATMAN! Wait, Twilight"
Another One...COME ON!
Vesous repeats the plan from "What weird Humans..."
Vesous repeats the plan from "Fire at the Fire Department"
Crumbling Again!
Vesous repeats the plan from "Destroyer, Vesous"
The End of the Owl's Plans
Vesous gives up, not to appear again until the Series Finale.
Big Nate
Nate tries to impress Twilight by killing mealworms early.
LT Racoon tries to kill Twilight.
The Death of LT
LT Racoon dies.
Final Destination
Twilight realizes she can breathe in space and goes up into space. She finds Vesous in a Space Lair trying to destroy the universe. He destroys 38 planets and he targets Earth. Twilight tries to save the universe. When she enter's Vesous' lair, he turns into "Mega Vesous" and Twilight defeats it. At the end, Twilight kills the evil owl. This is the series finale for the series.

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