These are episodes of the popular Nickelodeon show The World of Hunter.

Oh Yeah! Cartoons Pilot (1998)

Short  Airdate  Overview  Code
001 Be My Valentine! September 4, 1998 Hunter, Jay, Ryan, and Austin wants to ask Megan to The Valentine's Day Prom.

Note: This short became Valentine's Day in the show.

Season 1

Title  Airdate  Overview  Code
1a Valentine's Day February 19, 2000 Hunter tries to ask Megan to be his Valentine.

Note: This episode is based off of a Oh Yeah! Cartoons short called Be My Valentine!.
1b Girl Fight February 19, 2000 Ivie and her little brother, Cole, start to fight, and it's up to Hunter and Tanner to make them part of family again. 101b
2a Outer Brothers February 26, 2000 Hunter and Tanner finally get a chance to travel to outer space. 102a
2b Muffin Obsession February 26, 2000 Tanner tries a muffin and can't stop eating it, until he has an nightmare. Tanner needs to stop eating muffins before he vomits. Will it be too late? 102b
3a Meet the Stegosauruses March 4, 2000 On a school day, the Stegosauruses sneak into the school gym just to get Hunter in trouble. 103a
3b Meet Clifford the Big, Red Dog March 4, 2000 Clifford sneak into Hunter's house to wreak havoc. But at the end of the episode becomes invited to Hunter's Birthday Party. 103b
4a Your Hired, Mr. Kibbler! March 11, 2000 The school gets a new vice principal. 104a
4b Jaysville March 11, 2000 Hunter and Tanner has droven Jay crazy, and had moved to a town that acts like him called Jaysville, so The boys have to bring him back. 104b
5a TV Marathon March 18, 2000 It's a marathon of Hunter and Tanner's favorite show, The Dinosaur-Squirrel Show, all week, so the others need to get them off of the TV. 105a
5b Mr. Late-Student March 18, 2000 Stephen, a new student, is late for school. 105b
6a Running Away March 25, 2000 Hunter and Tanner run away from home because they are too little to watch Cow Movie 10 because it is rated PG-13. 106a
6b Babysitting Trouble March 25, 2000 Hunter and Tanner has to babysit Ivie's little brothers while Ivie and Riley "go take the syrup test at school". 106b
7a Tinstman's Day Off April 1, 2000 Mrs. Tinstman, the science teacher, takes a day-off and puts Hunter as the substitute teacher. 107a
7b Robotic Maniacs! April 1, 2000 The Nerd Robot-Building Club starts, and Austin tries to join. 107b
8a Camping in the Woods April 8, 2000 Hunter tries to spend the whole night in the woods so he will become popular. But when Tanner scares Ivie, Hunter and Austin tries to find her. 108a
8b April Fools, Jerk! April 8, 2000 After doing a harsh April Fools Joke on Hunter, everyone hates Dustin, now he tries to apologize to Hunter, but it's kinda hard. 108b
8c Breakfast Time! April 8, 2000 Hunter gets a toy in his cereal. 108c
9 The Student Awards April 15, 2000 It's that time of the month again, The Student Awards. Everyone in the whole school is hoping that they will get a award, and Hunter is super hyper-ed.

Note: This episode represents the 2000 Kids' Choice Awards, and it premiered before the Choice Awards.
10a Water You Waiting For? May 20, 2000 Hunter doesn't know how to surf, so he needs the lifeguard's help. 110a
10b The School Olympics May 20, 2000 It's the school Olympics, so Hunter and Austin has to work together. 110b
11a Merchandised Stegosauruses May 27, 2000 The Stegosauruses become famous. 111a
11b Adventures in Iviesitting May 27, 2000 Hunter, Tanner, Sydney, Austin, and Ross has to babysit Ivie, Cole, and Mason. 111b
12a Recess Racing June 5, 2000 It's the 100th annual Recess Race! Now Hunter has to win 1st Prize. 112a
12b The World of Tanner June 5, 2000 Hunter goes to a alternate dimension: He is Tanner's partner, Ivie is nice, Mrs. Szul is the janitor, and more! But when he goes back into his dimension, he is thrown out by Tanner's World's Hunter. How will Hunter get back to his dimension? 112b
13 Merry Huntermas! December 1, 2000 Hunter invents a holiday called Huntermas, and Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the Elves come to live at his house. 113

Season 2

Title  Airdate  Overview  Code
14a Birthday Hunter March 29, 2001 It's Hunter's birthday but his friends don't come to his party. 114a
14b The Good, the Bad, and the Hunter March 29, 2001 Hunter meets a different Hunter who acts bad. 114b
15a Robohunter April 9, 2001 Hunter becomes a robot. 115a
15b Hunter, Get Yer Gum April 9, 2001 Hunter and Tanner try to blow very big bubbles. 115b
16a Hunter's Wish April 15, 2001 Hunter makes a wish for Tanner. 116a
16b Frankenhunter April 15, 2001 Hunter turns into a monster and his friends try to restore him back to normal. 116b