List of episodes for The Ultimate Nicktoon.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 April 20, 2012 TBD


Season One

1. The Beginning (Part One) - Jon23812

The Nicktoons who are competing arrive at the temple of Sensei Lou. The Nicktoons meet each other. Some are friendly, some are not.

2. The Beginning (Part Two) - Jon23812

Sensei Lou teaches the Nicktoons the art of fighting.

3. The Beginning (Part Three) - Jon23812

The Nicktoons compete in their first tournament. The Blazing Balls of Doom, where they have to successfully walk across the narrow ledge, and not get hit. At the end, Ren Rin was hit the most so he looses the first tournament.

Eliminated: Ren Rin

4. Cheater - Jon23812

Angelica Miu rigs the next tournament, so she would win that one, and be invincible to elimination.

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